Sunday, 22 August 2010

Backdated - Senate Layout

This is what the senate will look like based on my earlier predictions [Editor's note: this is the earliest electoral coverage by the PsephologyKid that the Infographinomicon is able to locate at this time]:


01 Mark Arbib Australian Labor Party New South Wales
02 Doug Cameron Australian Labor Party New South Wales
03 Ursula Stephens Australian Labor Party New South Wales
04 John FAULKNER Australian Labor Party New South Wales
05 Matthew THISTLETHWAITE Australian Labor Party New South Wales
06 Jacinta Collins Australian Labor Party Victoria
07 Gavin Marshall Australian Labor Party Victoria
08 David Feeney Australian Labor Party Victoria
09 Kim John CARR Australian Labor Party Victoria
10 Stephen Michael CONROY Australian Labor Party Victoria
11 John Hogg Australian Labor Party Queensland
12 Claire Moore Australian Labor Party Queensland
13 Mark Furner Australian Labor Party Queensland
14 Joe LUDWIG Australian Labor Party Queensland
15 Jan McLUCAS Australian Labor Party Queensland
16 Louise Pratt Australian Labor Party Western Australia
17 Mark Bishop Australian Labor Party Western Australia
18 Chris EVANS Australian Labor Party Western Australia
19 Glenn STERLE Australian Labor Party Western Australia
20 Don Farrell Australian Labor Party South Australia
21 Penny Wong Australian Labor Party South Australia
22 Alex GALLACHER Australian Labor Party South Australia
23 Anne McEWEN Australian Labor Party South Australia
24 Nick Sherry Australian Labor Party Tasmania
25 Carol Brown Australian Labor Party Tasmania
26 Catryna Bilyk Australian Labor Party Tasmania
27 Helen POLLEY Australian Labor Party Tasmania
28 Anne URQUHART Australian Labor Party Tasmania
29 Lisa SINGH Australian Labor Party Tasmania (Unconfirmed)
30 Kate Alexandra LUNDY Australian Labor Party Australian Capital Territory
31 Trish CROSSIN Australian Labor Party Northern Territory


32 Lee RHIANNON Australian Greens New South Wales (Unconfirmed)
33 Richard DI NATALE Australian Greens Victoria
34 Larissa WATERS Australian Greens Queensland (Unconfirmed)
35 Scott Ludlam Australian Greens Western Australia
36 Rachel SIEWERT Australian Greens Western Australia (Unconfirmed)
37 Sarah Hanson-Young Australian Greens South Australia
38 Penny WRIGHT Australian Greens South Australia (Unconfirmed)
39 Bob Brown Australian Greens Tasmania
40 Christine MILNE Australian Greens Tasmania


41 Nick Xenophon Independent South Australia


42 John MADIGAN DLP - Democratic Labor Party Victoria (Unconfirmed)


43 Helen Coonan Liberal Party New South Wales
44 John Williams The Nationals New South Wales
45 Marise Payne Liberal Party New South Wales
46 Concetta FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Liberal Party New South Wales
47 William HEFFERNAN Liberal Party New South Wales
48 Fiona NASH The Nationals New South Wales (Unconfirmed)
49 Mitch Fifield Liberal Party Victoria
50 Helen Kroger Liberal Party Victoria
51 Scott Ryan Liberal Party Victoria
52 Michael RONALDSON Liberal Party Victoria
53 Bridget McKENZIE The Nationals Victoria
54 Ian Macdonald Liberal National Queensland
55 Sue Boyce Liberal National Queensland
56 Ron Boswell Liberal National Queensland
57 George Henry BRANDIS Liberal National Queensland
58 Barnaby JOYCE Liberal National Queensland
59 Brett MASON Liberal National Queensland (Unconfirmed)
60 David Johnston Liberal Party Western Australia
61 Alan Eggleston Liberal Party Western Australia
62 Michaelia Cash Liberal Party Western Australia
63 Mathias CORMANN Liberal Party Western Australia
64 Chris BACK Liberal Party Western Australia
65 Judith ADAMS Liberal Party Western Australia
66 Cory Bernardi Liberal Party South Australia
67 Simon Birmingham Liberal Party South Australia
68 Mary Jo FISHER Liberal Party South Australia
69 Sean EDWARDS Liberal Party South Australia
70 David FAWCETT Liberal Party South Australia (Unconfirmed)
71 Richard Colbeck Liberal Party Tasmania
72 David Bushby Liberal Party Tasmania
73 Eric ABETZ Liberal Party Tasmania
74 Stephen Shane PARRY Liberal Party Tasmania
75 Gary HUMPHRIES Liberal Party Australian Capital Territory (Unconfirmed)
76 Nigel SCULLION Country Liberal Party Northern Territory

Decapitalised surnames indicate incumbant (i.e. carry-over) senators.

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  1. PsephologyKid, Aug 23:

    ALP 31 (30 confirmed)
    LNC 34 (30 confirmed)
    Grn 9 (5 confirmed)
    Oth 2 (1 confirmed)

    TOTAL: 76 (66 confirmed)

    PsephologyKid, Aug 23:

    This gives the Greens the balance of power. No surprises there.

    The real surprise is the DLP, a conservative, religiously inspired pro-decentralization party which claims to be "neither 'Left' nor 'Right' as people usually understand those words in Australian politics". In reality, I consider them part of the mid to extreme right.

    Their chief policies are:

    * Opposition to abortion
    * Opposition to euthanasia
    * Opposition to embryonic stem cell research
    * Opposition to same-sex marriage (includes stripping all marriage-like rights from de facto same sex couples and preventing artificial means of conception for these partners)
    * Support for decentralizing power and resources
    * Support for further armament of Australia
    * Support for the choice of parents to raise children (as opposed to sending them to childcare facilities)
    * Support for a citizen-initiated referendum
    * Support for tougher restrictions on drugs and alcohol
    * Support for taxation reform