Friday, 27 August 2010

Backdated - The House of Representitives II: A revaluation

Well, for all 0 of you keeping up to date with all this, you will be aware that my previous analysis assumed that the Seat of Denison would go to Labor. Now it looks like it will remain with the independant, and even I must accept the unlikely hood of that changing.
Also, for over 24 hours Hasluck has been considered Liberal, But WA Nationals' Tony Crook has indicated he will not necessarily side with the Liberals so I think the following can be concluded:

Labor: 72
Coalition: 72
Crossbench: 6

1 National (O'Connor)
1 Green (Melbourne)
4 Independents (Denison, Kennedy, Lyne, New England)

Now, the Green member has indicated he will support Labor, but I suspect he and Tony Crook will go whichever way the Independants go. The three united independents, however, will wait for the others to move first, to ensure a stable government. They will want a party with a majority of 74 at least.

If the Greens do side with Labor and the National with the Coalition, then whoever winns the independant from Denison will have the minimum 74. On the face of it, I would expect him to go to Labor, which would pull the other three that way too.

Still, it is too close to call really. And I think winning Hasluck bodes well for Liberal, so we shall see.

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