Sunday, 4 August 2013

It's a Date!

I am boarding a plane in just over 12 hours, after which I am likely to be out of contact for a couple of weeks. As a result, the announcement of an election date -- September 7 -- has come just in the nick of time for me deliver a brief blog.

I would like to be able to say that, regardless of what one may think of my track record predicting election results, I can offer some certainties for the upcoming months by anouncing my intended schedule for the Infographinomicon. Sadly, past experience has demonstrated that I cannot even provide 100% reliable predictions of my own blog. Nonetheless, here is my intended calendar of events:

August 4 -- Election date anounced
August 5 -- Writs issued
August 10 -- Blog Post: An analysis of the interesting seats highlighted yesterday (Saturday 3/8)
August 12 -- Electoral rolls close (last day to enrol to vote)
August 15 -- Candidate rolls close (last day to put your name on the ballot)
August 16 -- Candidates announced
August 17 -- Blog Post: The candidates (Brief look at House of Representative Seats)
August 18 -- Blog Post: The candidates (South Australian Senate Seats)
August 19 -- Blog Post: The candidates (Western Australian Senate Seats)
August 20 -- Blog Post: The candidates (Victorian Senate Seats)
August 21 -- Blog Post: The candidates (Queensland Senate Seats)
August 22 -- Blog Post: The candidates (New South Welsh Senate Seats)
August 23 -- Blog Post: The candidates (Tasmanian Senate Seats)
August 24 -- Blog Post: The candidates (Territorial Senate Seats)
August 31 -- Blog Post: Discussion of polling data
September 6 -- Final day for Electoral predictions (possibly continuing into the early morning).
September 8 - November 13 -- Blog Post: Review of predictions
The missing NSW seat run-down will be restored at some point during this period as well. [Editor: Nope. That one is gone for good, folks.] Following the conclusion of this years electoral analysis I will be uploading and backdating the few scraps of electoral prediction I produced before starting this blog for the sake of completion. There will be no new content during this time. After that this blog will be going dormant until the next election event, most likely the South Australian State Elections followed by the Tasmanian Legislative Assembly and TasLegCo 2014, the US Mid-Terms and the Victorian State Elections all next year.
The game, dear readers, is afoot at last!

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  1. NB: I had intended to dedicate a week to the local government referendum, but Gillard's Sept 14 date was the earliest that would allow the referendum to be held with the election.

    This discussion has therefore been postponed.