Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It was only a matter of time

It was only a matter of time before I broke my one-post-per-week, regular Friday update pattern.

I didn't justify a little post on the Italian elections.

I resisted the urge to point out that the betting odds have come to favour Anglo Scola in the papal elections - a candidate I backed when the odds firmly supported Cardinal Turkson.

I didn't break my silence when the conclave was announced to start today.

I didn't add an extra post when It looked like my WA predictions were going to be between 90 and 95% accurate in the lower house.

I didn't even mention that while we (or at least I) was watching the WA state elections, the rest of the world (well, BBC world news) was looking at the Kenyan presidential results.

But, after a few solid, serious posts, I felt I had to add this one. While counting is still underway for the WA state elections, you will be pleased to know that according to PerthNow over 4000% of the votes for the seat of Willagee have been processed!

I don't know how long the site will remain like that, but I decided this required some form of immortalisation.

For those of you interested, in addition to the 2134.67% of votes to the Independent,the ACP got 1512.11%, FFP got 366.44%, 269.62% of votes went to the Liberal Party and the Greens got 127.31%. In accordance with the thorough thrashing of state Labor, an otherwise nearly respectable 26.04% of the primary vote was recieved.

It is a bit unfair of me to pick on a site because of a single technical glitch when I'm destined to make a mistake soon (if not already), but this kind of result makes the predictable Kenyan agruments over the validity of their election result look trivial. According to the Media Watch website, this is not the only news source to be having graphing issues lately. Oh, and remember all those things I didn't mention at the start of the post? Under the guise of presenting this little statistical freak-out I've mentioned them now. Sneaky!

Regular, sensible* posts will resume Friday.

* I think we all know why I put this asterisk here...

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