Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 Schedule

It's going to be a reasonably relaxed year after the New South Wales state election on March 28. Before then, however, we have both the Queensland state election and Davenport by-election on January 31.

At last, the methodology for the Victorian predictions has been outlined as of this weekend, along with this schedule.

Next week (17th or 18th of January) I hope to analyse both the Victorian state election and Fisher by-election predictions, and maybe even update the so-called running tally of correct predictions to the right.

The weekend after that (24th or 25th of January), if all goes to plan, we'll have the predictions for both the Queensland and Davenport elections.

The following weekend is the actual vote in both of those elections. We may have results by then, or counting may be ongoing, but I'd expect to have both elections finished with be mid February, when we'll gear up for NSW.

I may throw in a few special elections if and as they arise, and I'll probably take a second shot at Eurovision at some point to, but we'll see how that goes closer to the date.

Finally, a thankyou to me select and discerning readers for their patience and continued support. Without you the Infographinomicon would be... pretty much the same, actually, except the task would feel even more lonely and futile than it does.

Have a statistically great year,

The Psephology Kid.

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