Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Obviously the events of tonight will change many things. As a result, I may divert from my schedule of one post per week.

Factors such as the date of the election -- which may now vary from August 3 to November 30 -- will dictate the pace and content of upcoming posts. I will endeavour to maintain the schedule of upcoming posts regarding my seat-by-seat analysis, however we may see additional posts in between.

I will not, however, be posting any material as a result of tonights events until I have had time to consider the speaches, election date, changes to the front bench and everything that follows over the next couple of days. I trust it will not be too hard for you, my loyal readers, to get your political fix elsewhere until informed, intelegent commentary (and my two cents as well...) are available online.

--- The PsephologyKid

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